Orkut intrduces Orkut sms feature in India - Recive Scrap Notofications etc on your mobile!

Orkut sms Snapshot Orkut has launched Orkut SmS. It was also a much needed feature for all orkut users who did not have gprs enabled phones and wanted to stay in touch with their family and friends via orkut when on move also.

Orkut sms feature was launched in Brazil a long time back but not in India. Now, it has been launched.

To configure your Orkut Mobile settings, Just click on the link below


To know more about the Orkut SmS feature on Orkut Help , visit the following link


The Orkut SmS service has been launched for only the following service providers

Aircel, BPL, MTNL, Tata, Reliance and Spice

It has not been launched for two of the most popular mobile service providers in India like Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL till now. They may be introduced in the near future.

Moreover the service is not free. While Orkut does not charge you, the mobile operators may charge their fee for sending and receiving an SMS. The pricing details are available only for Brazil Telecom Providers at the link below. The prices in India are not known till now


If you people come to know of any updates, keep them posted..:)