Amazing Blogging Software - Windows Live Writer

Well, when I was new in this field of blogging , I used to keep on googling for some software which could help me in blogging. Like writing all my post content off-line replete with all the hyperlinks, images etc. I have finally found an amazing software for blogging and bloggers - Windows Live Writer. It is an amazing piece of software which enables you to write all your posts offline , add pictures to them, add hyperlinks, insert tables, view offline web preview [ and what not ! ] in them and then publish them all with one click of a button when you are online.

wlw 2

The best part about this amazing piece of software is that it is absolutely FREE. This comes as a boon for poor bloggers like me .. who don't have much ad-clicking visitors. :D

you can get windows live writer from the link below:-


Enjoy Blogging !


Delete Friends By Going to their Profile - New Orkut Feature

Earlier, it was a very tedious process to remove a friend from the friends' list .

But now, it is a breeze all because of the new "remove friend" feature.

With this feature , to remove a friend from your friends list , you have to

  • Go to the friend's your profile, you want to remove
  • You'll see a "remove friend" button in his profile as shown below:-

delete friend from his profile itself

Click on the button and remove the friend.

P.S--> I forgot to mention above that you will have to click on the "more" button in the left sidebar to view all the options which are shown in the snapshot above.


New Orkut Feature - Re-arrange Photos, Videos, Apps on your profile page

Orkut launched yet another new feature yesterday.
Now you can re-arrange the appearance of your Recent Pictures, Recent Videos and Applications on your profile page.
To do the re-arrangement, you just have to go to your profile page and when you will point the pointer in the recent photos/videos region, you will see a 'move' icon.
Then you can move the sections above or below as per your choice.

But I guess there is still much more to come on orkut. Many new features are gonna be launched in the near future as per my estimate. So people, keep orkutting ! ;)


Bug Fixed : Now Report Abuse/Ignore Users with Limited Networks in Orkut

Recently many people were complaining that they can't report abuse or Ignore users with limited networks in Orkut.
But now orkut has fixed this.Now you can easily report abuse and ignore the users..
Here's a snapshot-

Another new feature in orkut - Updates from status messages Showing Up in the "Updates From Friends". Section

Orkut seems to be on a changing spree. It is changing [you can say improving] day by day introducing new feature.Today, another feature has been launched.
Now you can see status message changes from your friends, in the Updates from your friends section. This feature especially comes in handy, when you have a non-gmail email associated with orkut. Because then you can just update your status message to 'online' and all your friends will be able to see this status message update of yours in their 'updates from my friends'section. Then they can interact with you.
I'm unable to provide a snapshot now [because none of my friends have updated their status message now] But I'll provide a snapshot soon.

[Please Note:- Your friends will be able to see your updates only if you have enabled it in your privacy settings.
For doing this go to http://www.orkut.com/privacysettings.aspx
and then click on show my updates
then hit save]

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New Feature In Orkut - Community Recommendations

I am writing this post after a long long time. Maybe I became to lazy for blogging.
I observed a new feature which has been launched just a few minutes back - Community Recommendations.
This shows above the communities frame on Your orkut homepage and below the Friends frame.
This feature basically works on this principle - It sees from which communities most of your friends are? And then it recommends that community.