MTV India's Orkut Community Hacked

MTV India's orkut community was hacked a few minutes back and almost all the posts in the forum were deleted.
But here is what community owner MTV Webmaster had to say

"@ All - Blame it on the Orkut bug!
Do not panic, guys... It is just an Orkut bug. The threads will be back tomorrow. The Orkut guys are trying to sort this as we speak. Till then, take it easy!"

What happened here is that, one of the moderators, Amit Sharma's profile got hacked by someone called as H.O.H and started deleting all the posts in the forum
This was what he called "raping" of the community.

Meanwhile, all the moderators from the community have been removed for the time being.

It is important to note, that the Orkut Community of MTV is an important online extension of the MTV India Channel with about 2,60,000+ members.
And has held competetions such as RBG (Roadies Battle Ground) in the past.

Somedays back, even India's Former President Mr. Abdul Kalam's Community on orkut had also been hacked and had later been restored.