Google Hiring Goats ! (for real)

Let me admit that I've always been fascinated by Google.
The thing that astonishes me the most is its fantastic rate of growth. I mean, almost a decade back nobody knew google and now suddenly it can create wars allover the world if it wishes to, with the enormous amount of personal data that it stores in its servers.

Google is famous for doing things in a way that are a li'l out of the box. Be it their casual yet productive work-atmosphere etc. etc. But their decision of hiring the goats to mow the grass at its headquarters in CA is something which appears to be a rumour or an exaggeration when you first hear it. But damn, that's true.

They even have an eligibility criteria for hiring the goats that's also damn hilarious..

So what's your wish? Getting rebirth as a goat, eh? [:)]