Acer/Intel Timeline Series launched in India

Acer and Intel have announced the launch of a new series of notebooks - Timeline - based on the Intel Ultra-Low Voltage (ULV) ULV platform in India.

"Acer is focused on bringing technology that value adds to the consumer needs regardless of market conditions," said S Rajendran, Chief Marketing Officer, Acer India. "Consumers today want longer battery life, thin and light form factors with great processing technology at affordable prices. Through our partnership with Intel and their Ultra Low Processor Core 2 solo solutions we are pleased to bring leadership technology and notebook PC value to consumers worldwide."

Acer has designed the Aspire Timeline notebooks with the Acer Smart Power key, which extends battery life through advanced settings. By activating the Smart Power key option the customer can boost power saving capabilities and extend battery life of the notebooks, thus expanding the backup on the Timeline series beyond 8 hours.

Key features include nearly 2x more transistors and lower leakage than 65nm technologies, delivering new levels of performance and power efficiency. A 1066 MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) , Intel HD Boost, 6MB L2 Cache and Deep Power Down Technology to shut down processor cores and L2 cache when they are not needed. The new platform is complemented by the Mobile Intel GS40 Express Chipset, which is the new Intel chipset for new ultra-thin laptops for consumers.

At its thinnest point the Aspire Timeline is just 24 mm thick (less than one inch) and has an aluminum cover that ranges from 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) for the 13.3" model up to 2.4 kg (5.3 lb) for the 15.6" model.

The Acer Timeline series starts at Rs. 40K (excluding taxes)