Activision CEO wants Sony to improve Sales

Bobby Kotick, Activision CEO (The company that has produced game titles like Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk etc and is the largest independent game developer in the world) has threatened to stop support to Sony if the sales of PS3s don't improve.

Kotick said in an interview that the company paid $500 million to Sony last year alone in Royalties and other goods. But the XBoX 360 and wii are cheaper to develop.

The company also feels that Sony's console is losing a bit of grip on the market and urged the company to drop prices to something more reasonable. Furthermore, looking at 2010 and 2011 sales predictions, he says they might consider dropping the PS3 and PSP platforms altogether if things don't pick up. Of course, that's an absolute worst-case scenario, considering it would be rather foolish to just ignore the 20+ million PS3s out there in the world and that by that time frame the company will rather have dropped their prices.