Experience High Definition (HD) Youtube XL on your PC

If you have a large Wide screen Monitor and like to watch High Definition Movies in your Home PC via your Fast Internet Connection then YouTube XL is all what you need. The features are :

1. The designing approach of YouTube XL is simple: Bigger interface controls and fewer but important options. The space for the appearance of video layout has been maximized.

2. Large text for simplicity. Old Navigation and comments above and below the screen have been chopped off!

3. Turns the playback controls into an overlay instead of permanent buttons. In short the new design is cool and optimized for hardcode video watcher.

4. YouTube XL offers a “continous play” feature. Simply search on a topic and press the “Play” button once. XL will automatically play all the videos from the search results successively!

5. Users having Bluetooth remote controls can also play/pause and do more remotely!

6. And obviously a single click to turn into full screen in order to get experience a proper Home theatre environment from YouTube.

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