Google Keywords to Download Paid Content For Free !

Just enter the following keywords:-


in Google along with any of the following phrases (One at a time)

Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*com
A charge from CLKBANK
A Charge from paypal
Paypal payment or paypal payment confirmed
Paypal Statement
CLKBANK save as
CLKBANK Download instructions
cbreceipt or cbreceipt click
CLKBANK right click or CLKBANK click
Download the latest version of adobe acrobat reader
right click save target as
right click save
right click save file as
Click here to download
Save target as
Save file as
recieve future updates
username is password is
username: password:
Members or Members area
Thank you for your order
Thank you for your purchase
Thanks for your order
Thanks for your purchase
Thanks for purchasing......
Order Confirmation
Order Confirmed

The sample syntax should look like :-
inurl:"cbreceipt" username: password:

Hope You get my point

And you'll be getting links of pages from where you can download Paid Content (Mainly E-Books)
Enjoy and let me know how much content you downloaded using this hack (Comments)