Google's FTP - Google Base

Ever Heard of it?

Google Base is a free Google service that helps you publish virtually any kind of information -- be it your latest riveting screenplay or a listing for your slightly dented 1989 Honda Accord -- on Google Base or other Google properties.To post an item to Google Base:

1. Visit Google Base.
2. Click One at a time.
3. Select the type of information you're submitting (or create your own item type).
4. Click Next >.
5. After you've entered and reviewed your item's formatting, click Publish. Within a few hours, your item will be visible to the world.

Your item will fall into one of several categories based on its content. This category determines which Google property will display your item. For example, your screenplay and robot schematics may appear on Google Base, and your humble Honda may appear on Google Product Search.

Do check it out and tell hows it!