How to retain all your data while re-installing Windows XP?

Whenever you re-install Windows XP, all the data in your partition gets erased (software, applications, movies etc) And believe me, it is a hell of a job to re-install them afresh in the new re-installed windows XP..

But there is a simple trick, by which you can retain all your data, softwares and still re-install windows xp without any change to your system

Follow these steps

1. First of all -----> Check that your First boot device should not be CD-ROM.. Make it anything else but not CD-ROM

2. Start Your PC and Insert ur XP CD in CD-ROM.....

3. Go to Command prompt.........

4. Open your CD-ROM Drive e.g----- G:>(Suppose ur Drive is G)

5. Than open i386 fodler from here(means G:/i386)

6. And now type “WINNT32 /unattend” in command prompt

7. Press Enter Now you'll see windows setting Up and start Installing it self with out
creating any problem to your existing and installed data and record of your PC

Let me know how you liked this trick in comments :)