Iphone 3G S launched; Ten Must Know Facts about the New Iphone

1. It’s highly resistant

Apparently the iPhone 3G S has a highly-resistant finish to its body. Whereas the old iPhone 3G would succumb to those gadget kryptonites - water and oil - the new iPhone 3G S has a water- and oil-resistant body. Nice.

2. Same size, same shape
The iPhone 3G S is exactly the same size and shape as the old iPhone 3G (although it is 2g heavier!). What that means is all your existing accessories will work with it. Handy, no?

3. Photo genius!
Taking photos with the iPhone 3G S? Cleverly, it knows how close you are to your subject, and automatically switches to “Macro Mode” when they’re around 10cm away. Great for papping celebs when they’re right up in your face!

4. It comes with Apple’s remote headphones
Along with the iPhone 3G S you get Apple’s own earphones, complete with the multi-button remote, which has a single control key and volume controls, and a mic.

5. Video editing: waste not, want not
Editing any video you capture actually destroys everything you throw away. Once that ‘waste’ has gone you can never get it back. So be careful. You have been warned!

6. O2 will support tethering and MMS from day 1
Unlike AT&T, which is stalling until later this Summer, O2 will support tethering an MMS from the off (which is to say 19 June). That said you will need to pay more for a web access bolt-on for tethering. MMS messages, meanwhile, will be taken out of your existing text allowance, with one MMS equalling four texts.

7. Remember, remember
The iPhone 3G S, like your Mac, will remember text that you’ve entered into websites, so there’s no need to repeatedly enter e-mail addresses, postal addresses or usernames, which is a godsend when you’ve only got a touchscreen to work with (no matter how good the iPhone’s is).

8. Talk to me
Voice control on the iPhone 3G S understands full sentences, and even dictated phone numbers. So you can say “what song is this?” for example. Or “play more songs like this”, and the iPhone 3G S will understand you. Next stop, Judgement Day.

9. Where am I?
The iPhone 3G S has a digital compass, and it doesn’t just work in Google Maps. Apple has built a new Compass app, which can switch between true north and magnetic north, as well as using GPS to give full coordinates. Double tapping the location icon in Google Maps spins the map to be the right way round. Who needs the scouts?

10. Accessibility, thy name is iPhone
there are a number of new features on the iPhone 3G S that make it highly accessible for disabled users. The VoiceOver function, for instance, lets the iPhone 3G S read out what’s on screen. It’s much more accessible for partially sighted users as well, thanks to a new high-contrast white-on-black display option, and a zoom feature that springs into action when the screen is double-tapped with three fingers. And for anyone who can only hear in one ear, the iPhone 3G S can even be set to “mono audio” mode.

11. Nike+ included
Built-in Nike+ support means the iPhone 3G S will be a hit with fitness fans. If you’ve already got the sensor to slip into your trainer, then you can hit the tarmac stat. If not? Well there’s plenty of other stuff in the iPhone 3G S to keep you occupied.