Keeping your phone safe from the rains - Some Tips

Let’s be honest here, there’s really no way to seriously protect your mobile handset from the coming monsoons. What that essentially means is, if your handset isn’t certified to be waterproof, there’s no way you’re going to make it so yourself. However, here are a few quick tips on keeping your handset as protected as possible from the rains. These may be fairly obvious methods, but just to be sure you’re ready, consider this a reminder.

The rains are coming, or already here, at least in some parts of the country so all you mobile users need to start being a little careful. Here a few preventive measures for your mobile handset and gadgets.

First off carry a plastic bag with you everywhere. It’s a handset’s best friend in this season. Who said those old unused plastic bags you’ve collected under your sink would never come in handy. Avoid using those moldy older ones that were made of the extremely thin plastic. They tend to tear easily and wrap around the handset too tightly when wet. This makes it very difficult to unravel. Use the thicker variety and as neatly as possible, wrap the handset inside. Just remember – the bigger the bag the long it’ll take you to get your handset out if you get a call.

The best option is of course to use Zip Lock bags. The ones sold on the street and in the trains that are seemingly designed for your mobile handset are not always good options. I’ve tested them and most of the time they will not fit a large or bulky handset. You may be able to shove it in but will end up ruining the locking system making it susceptible to water getting in. Buy a proper pouch from a supermarket or general store. Take your phone along to be sure of the size of course. It’ll set you back by about Rs. 50 but that will be well worth the expenditure.Do remember, you’ll be able to easily see who's calling and even read and sometimes reply to messages. Touchscreen handset users may find it a little tricky messaging while your handset is encased in the thick plastic of a zip lock. One thing to remember is that you will NOT be able to take calls through this pouch. It’s really annoying to see and hear people yelling into their handsets – ‘Hello! Hello! Can you hear me? Kya aap mujhe sun sakte ho?’ over and over again expecting the poor soul on the other end to comprehend. Worse still is how irritating it gets when you’re the person on the other end. To curb this I’ve seen individuals poke holes into the bag at the earphone area to make things easier. Naturally this negates the entire use of the bag itself.

Make sure you have a clean dry cloth that you can keep in the bag to wipe the handset just in case a few drops manage to get in

In case your headset does happen to get a bit wet, try to avoid always running with your instincts and popular beliefs. Allow me to elaborate, here a few things you should avoid doing in case your handset does get a little damp or wet.

First off, DO NOT plug the charger into a wall socket before making absolutely sure the port in the handset is bone dry. You could cause a short circuit and ruin the handset and it’s just a plain hazard.
If your home happens to have a leakage problem in the walls near a socket, do not try and plug the handset in to charge the battery while talking.
If your handset gets wet, one way to dry it off is to use a blow dryer. This 'old wives tale’ remedy does work, however there it’s not as simple as ‘point and shoot’. A couple of things you need to keep in mind if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person are -

You’re going to have to open up the handset completely, this means nullifying the warranty on the handset and possibly damaging the casing if not done correctly.

If you’re ok with that, make sure you don’t have the heat setting cranked all the way up. The hotter it is doesn’t mean it’ll dry the device faster. Keep it at a sensible level and DO NOT keep the blower too close to the handset, especially when dealing with the inside portions. Intense heat is hazardous to the handset's components and will case more harm than repair.
DO NOT use cotton cloths with fibers while cleaning the insides of a handset. Micro fiber cloths are the best bet.

In times of crisis, your mobile handset can be the one thing that could save your life, given of course the lines are up and running. So be careful and keep your gadgets as dry as possible. If any of you readers have any more ideas and tips with regards to safety or protecting your mobiles against the rains, please feel free to share them via your comments.