Microblogging Search Engine By Google ?

Riding on the popularity of microblogging services, Google is apparently preparing bridge the gap between the disparities that these services suffer from. It is preparing to launch a service that indexes and ranks content from microblogging services like Twitter, reports Google Operating System blog (not affiliated with Google).

In the case of Twitter, there are two major drawbacks, says the blog. One, it's limited to Twitter and the other is that it sorts the results by date.

However, even though there are some search engines like Tweefind and Twingly that try to fix indexing on various levels, sort Twitter posts according to relevancy, etc. However, they aren't good enough.

The blog says that its microblogging search service will work similar to Google's Blog Search product. The former will sort the results by relevancy; the service will also be integrated with Google's web search engine. The keywords that are frequently used in recent posts will trigger a Microblogsearch universal search group, it adds.

If the Microblogging Search is indeed launched, will Google tap this opportunity alone or in association with any of the microblogging sites?