Microsoft Bing - Some Tips and Tricks

1) Use the full version of Bing
If you are using Bing outside North America, chances are that you would be seeing a localized version of Bing that might be missing some features. For example, the Indian version of Bing.com doesn’t have search history.

To explore the full version of Bing, go to this page and set English - US as your default region. You can now enjoy all the Bing features from anywhere.

2)Watch Hulu Video Previews outside US

Hulu hosts some popular popular TV shows but the you can watch these videos only if your computer has US based IP address.

However, Bing lets you watch short previews of Hulu video even outside US. Just search for any TV show episode on Bing Videos (see example) and hover the mouse over any of the video thumbnail to watch a short clip.

3) RSS Feeds of Search Results

Unlike Google or Yahoo, Bing offers RSS feeds for their web search results that you can subscribe to inside any feed reader. Your browser should be able to auto-detect the RSS feed of Bing pages or you can append &format=rss to any Bing search URL and convert it into a feed.

This RSS feature is not available for Image or Video search in Bing.

4) Find Pages That Link to MP3 Files or Documents

Bing (and Live Search) supports a unique "contains" search operator that lets you find web pages that contain links to particular file types.

For instance, a search like susan boyle contains:mp3 will show pages that are about the British singer and that also link to MP3 files. Replace mp3 with doc to search pages that contain links to Word Documents.


MarcoP said...

The big question now is whether Microsoft will take a big chunk out of Yahoo's paid search revenue, as mentioned here: Does Microsoft Big Change Paid Search.