Security Flaw in Chinese Government’s PC Screening Software

Sometime ago, the Chinese Government had mandated that every PC should have a screening software installed in order to prevent the computers to prevent people from browsing through pornographic and other objectionable content. Since then, almost 3 million people have downloaded the software. But because of the software flaw, all of them stand a chance at being compromised! Experts say that whoever designed this Green Dam Youth Software wasn’t very good at it. It is also said that only pc’s installed with Windows XP OS get blocked by the software but Linux and Mac OS can easily bypass the (so called) protective software.

One more thing which has come to light is that this software also blocks normal content in addition to objectionable content which , by the way can be damn frustrating for the users!

Hmm.. I don’t think China’ll take that lightly. (There are about 1.3 billion Internet Users in China). Let’s wait and watch. Do tell me what you think about this. Leave a comment..