Some Twitter Bugs and their Fixes

Twitter is gaining tremendous amounts of popularity these days. The last time I saw a networking service getting so popular was in case of orkut. Here are some bugs that bug you while using twitter and given with them are their probable solutions -

Trouble updating profile images
Twitter is aware of the problem and working on a fix
Check this link out

"Bad request" errors
Twitter limits how often you can request to connect to its servers. The reason for the limit is to prevent their servers from being overloaded with too many requests.

Currently, the limit is 70 connections every hour. If you exceed that amount, you'll get the error and have to wait a bit before you can refresh again. Don't think that shifting to a different Twitter client, or shifting from your Mac to your iPhone, will work around this limit. The connection numbers for your account are tallied at the Twitter server, no matter where your tweets or refreshes may originate.