"Tough" Samsung Phone to be Launched in iNdia this July!

It can last for up to 30 minutes in water, one meter deep

The tough little Samsung Xplorer B2100 heard about in March this year was displayed at the Communicasia 2009 held at Singapore.

The Explorer is capable of enduring extreme shock and temperature variations. It can last for up to 30 minutes in water, one meter deep, and still survive.

Wearing that weatherproof shield, the B2100 has pretty basic specs. It sports a 1.8 inch 120x160 pixel screen, comes with a music player and FM Radio with RDS.

A decent 1.3 megapixel camera (we've not heard of a 1.3 camera for a long time now!) and 7MB of memory to store all those photos and music. This one sports a memory expansion slot with Micro SD card support.

For connectivity, there is Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP support. The phone also offers Quad band device with EDGE support.

Now, the good news: a little birdy has informed us that the rugged B2100 is expected to be available in India in the first week of July.

It will be priced between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 7,000.