USB 3.0 Cables go on Sale!

USB 2.0 will soon be replaced by its successor, the much faster, newer version of the world's most popular data transfer medium, USB 3.0.

The USB 3.0 data speeds will be achievable only by the year 2010 when USB 3.0 Compatible hardware will be available but according to a scoop by Engadget, USB 3.0 cables are already on sale at a price tag of $ 9.99 (Approx Rs.500 in India). So if you want to be one of the first adopters of this technology, go grab one!

By the by this whole USB news, my mind immediately went to Intel's new tv commercial in which they show the co-inventor of USB, Mr Ajay Bhatt (the same 'Our rockstars are different from yours' ad). It is no doubt one of the most creative ads that I've come through. Take a look