Why Safari does not work for me?

Safari may have achieved the 11 million download mark, but still it does not appeal to me.
The first turn off itself is the 27 MB something download. I mean for a limited broadband connection user, thats about half of the daily limit. Now I would spend these 20 MBs writing and reading blogs or installing a browser?

Anyways, I did that, I downloaded Safari (Considering that 6 MB was already done, courtesy the high download speed offered by Apple, credits to apple for that!) Then was my turn to install the browser. Mark my words - It takes time! Especially on my 256 MB, 1.6 GHz Acer Travelmate Laptop (Which is nearing its final days :(

Now, people (or atleast at Apple) say that Safari is the fastest browser till date, I doubt that . Because it takes time to load web pages. I dont know if it was due to my poor system config oe anything else (After all Safari is designed for a MAC)

Within a couple of hours of its download itself, I uninstalled the browser, and switched back to my first love - Firefox. Who doesn't know Firefox. It is undisputably the king of browsers with the huge array of addons it has to offer and swift browsing. Till I earn enough money from blogging to buy a MAC, I'll just stick to Mozilla. Peace.