How to show related posts after each Blogger Blog Post?

Ah! I've been searching on the internet for this trick for I don't know, ages! and finally found it! So am sharing it with you all. If after going through this trick and applying it, you face any problem feel free to leave your queries in the form of comments!

Before starting, keep one thing in mind that using this hack, only the posts which are under the same label (or tag) will be shown.

Ok, so now lets start

1)Before any html modification, make sure you save a copy of your original code by going to Dashboard —> Layout—> Edit HTML —> and click Download Full Template.

2)Then, tick the 'Expand Widget Templates' and find this code below.


It is damn difficult to find this code line after line (manually). There is one more trick to find a particular phrase on a webpage. Press Ctrl + F and you can notice that a toolbar will pop up at the bottom of your browser if you are using Firefox. Copy the code above and paste it to the toolbar and it will automatically direct you to the code.

3)Next, Click and Copy the Related Posts .txt File From Here

4)Paste the copied code right after the code <data:post.body/>

5)Save your template. refresh your blog, and Voila! Its done!