Microsoft Bing overtakes Yahoo Search to become No.2

Yahoo will be disappointed and Google alarmed! But for all Bing lovers out there and Microsoft, here’s a reason to rejoice!

According to StatCounter Global Stats, Bing has surpassed Yahoo search in its very first week! This brings Bing in the market with a bang at number 2 slot on the list of top search engines worldwide.

Microsoft says that if Bing can manage to sustain the number-two slot, then they would successful achieve its goal four years earlier than expected. At this time, Bing would not be looking to compete against the dominant search player - Google for obvious reasons. Google has more than 80 % of the market worldwide and more than 70 % in the U.S.

Bing has some powerful features and is being handsomely marketed worldwide. Microsoft will be spending some $100 million more on worldwide ad campaigning to promote Bing.