Google’s Chrome OS to be launched after mid 2010

Google today announced the Chrome OS (operating system) for desktops and notebooks throwing a direct challenge to Microsoft's Windows operating system family. This Linux kernel based operating systems has its roots in Google's Chrome browser and is different from Android. Google will be launching the Chrome OS for netbooks in second half of 2010.

Basically, Google Chrome OS is intended for those who would want to carry out their regular computing needs via the Internet; it will be designed for ultra portable netbooks as well as full-size desktop systems. This means, the Chrome OS will run on x86 and ARM processors based systems. Google pleads to not confuse the Chrome OS with Android. The Android OS has been designed to work on a variety of devices and platforms like from smartphones to set top boxes.
Sundar Pichai, VP Product Management and Linus Upson, Engineering Director at Google, stated in a blog post that 'there are areas where Google Chrome OS and Android overlap, we believe choice will drive innovation for the benefit of everyone, including Google'.
Google Chrome OS's architecture is based on Google Chrome running on the top of Linux kernel. This operating system will use Web as the platform, therefore all the existing web-based applications will automatically work. New applications would be written using the current generation web technologies. Key aspects of the Chrome OS would be speed, simplicity and security.
Google is designing this OS to be faster to boot, and to be able to connect the user to Web within seconds of its start up. Just like Google's Chrome browser was treated for security, the Chrome OS will get the same security treatment by the redesigning basic OS architecture.
Chrome OS is a smart step by Google since Android doesn't run on x86 processor architecture, though ports do exist. Hence, Google touts that Chrome OS is all about the Web, making the OS experience faster, lighter and free from any sort of malware, viruses and security updates. Google plans to release Chrome OS for netbooks in second half of 2010. Till then, the Chrome OS's alpha versions will be tried and tested on various grounds that include processing, connectivity, stability, security and more.