IPhone to Overtake Nokia By 2012?

A research firm Generator Research in a recently published report has confirmed Nokia's worst fears. At current rates of growth, the iPhone is likely to challenge Nokia's dominant position in the smartphones sector and possibly overtake it by 2012 - just three years from now. The research predicts that Nokia will lose its market share and will drop to 20% from its current 40% share.

The report backs up its predictions stating quite a few reasons for the iPhone's increasing dominance. These include the affordability of the device and the increased chances of its availability on other networks.
That said, other manufacturers and factors seem to have been not taken into account whilst generating this report. For example, the effect of other players in the smartphone arena, like RIM, Android OS, Windows Mobile and even the upcoming Symbian Open Source OS are bound to have a say in the war that decides the outcome of this battle by the year 2012.