Blackberry’s Magnum Opus – Leaked Image – Screen Covered with a Sachet of Trojan Magnum Condoms!

In recent times, there hasn’t been much buzz in the market about any new Blackberry product launch or any such rumors though rumours about the new Magnum Opus Blackberry were heard sometime back in April & now, a leaked image of the Magnum has sprung up on the internet. The screen of the device has been masked up using a sachet of Trojan ‘Magnum’ Condoms!

Now, the reason why the screen of this device is so important is due to the fact that Magnum is the First Blackberry to sport a full QWERTY keypad along with full touch input support. The screen should be similar to existing Blackberry ones with 480 * 320 resolution. It’ll be 3G capable. But there is no news as to when this phone will make an official appearance.Blackberry Magnum Opus